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inVentiv Health Patient Outcomes

We support our clients’ mission to improve patient outcomes by providing a comprehensive range of patient-centric services. Using systematic, data-driven and analytics-intensive approaches, our services are designed to address the myriad of challenges that occur before and after patients are prescribed therapy. Pharmaceutical companies rely on us to improve medication non-adherence, a $300 billion problem in the U.S. healthcare system alone, through our analytics-driven approach and leading network of pharmacy chains.

As the concept of going “beyond the pill” gains acceptance, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking to offer disease management and wellness services. With our decades of experience in these areas, we offer our clients a unique perspective in developing patient engagement strategies. We also increase access to medicines by helping patients navigate the growing complexities of the payer markets, and by developing effective risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS) that promote the appropriate use of medicines and medical devices.

Thought Leadership

  • Medical Affairs’ Changing Role in Medical Access & Reimbursement

    This article from our experts at Campbell Alliance, an inVentiv Health company, shares perspectives on how the role that Medical Affairs plays in supporting Market Access and Reimbursement has expanded.

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Patient Adherence Programs

Adheris, an inVentiv Health company, provides educational information to patients who take medication for chronic conditions. Through our industry-leading network of 20,000 pharmacies and 38 chains across the U.S., we are able to reach patients on a real-time basis with HIPAA-compliant communications that are proven to improve patient outcomes. We have a team dedicated to analyzing the data so we can define patient behaviors and effectively tailor our communications to help patients stay on therapy.

Access and Reimbursement Solutions

inVentiv Patient Access Solutions works with clients to design, implement, and manage patient and provider access programs, with a focus on high-touch, case management programs tailored for more costly biologic and specialty therapies. Our industry leading contact center takes over two million calls annually along with managing hundreds of thousands of reimbursement cases for patients and their healthcare providers. Through these interactions, we are able to collect valuable data to inform our clients’ brand strategies.

Thought Leadership

  • Rx Risk-Management: Making the Case for FMEA

    Learn why FMEA, or Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, should be the standard methodology used in pharmaceutical risk-management and how it can reduce the patient’s risk at each step of the medication use process.

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Depth of Expertise

Our Patient Outcomes solution teams include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. Because of their background, they have a direct understanding of the needs of patients, payers and other stakeholders key to improving the patient’s experience interacting with our client’s product.

Rich Analytics

The analytics we use to understand patient behavior are derived from unique and comprehensive data that we collect and analyze every day. With insight into the behavior and demographics of patients using our clients’ products, we can develop programs that improve outcomes by educating, empowering and supporting patients at every stage.

Breadth of Capabilities

We provide 360 degree support and expertise to elevate the success of our clients’ brands across the product lifecyle. We offer a proprietary model designed and developed for clients who need a partner to seamlessly provide end-to-end commercial support and infrastructure.


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