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New Mechanism of Action: Getting Your Product to Market Quickly


A mid-sized pharma company with a focus in neurology has a leading migraine brand that is getting ready to go off patent at the end of the year. The company’s follow-up product, which employs a novel mechanism of action (MOA), is entering Phase III trials. The company needs to expedite the trials to get the product to market quickly, while at the same time conditioning the market for a new treatment option.


With other competing drugs also in development, establishing a leadership position for the new brand is critical. This means building a compelling scientific story for the brand prior to launch.


inVentiv Health builds a team of clinical, strategic, and marketing experts to help the company reach its goals.

  • Through inVentiv Health’s clinical staffing group, a team of experienced researchers is recruited and deployed to manage the Phase III trials, ensuring the development timeline stays on track.
  • A network of Key Opinion Leaders is developed to drive understanding of the new MOA in the medical community.
  • Branding and marketing experts help differentiate the new brand from existing products by branding the science behind the MOA.
  • A team of medical science liaisons is deployed to targeted primary care physicians and neurologists to build awareness and understanding of the science behind the brand prior to launch.

The new brand receives approval six months ahead of any similar competitors, and market conditioning efforts aid in rapid uptake among targeted physicians.

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