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Improving Adherence


A large pharma company has a rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment that has been on the market for three years. Although the brand has a strong scientific foundation and post-launch research studies have shown it to be a clinically superior product, it is gradually losing market share to competitors and facing decreasing revenues. The company asks for inVentiv Health’s help in regaining lost ground.


After conducting research with physicians and patients, inVentiv Health discovers that, although patients who stay on the brand generally have positive outcomes, many patients drop off the treatment during the first few weeks. The poor persistency is linked to the brand’s side effects, which are generally worse during the first several weeks of treatment. After a patient drops off the brand or complains to their doctor about the side effects, the physician typically prescribes a competing product.


inVentiv Health designs a multi-pronged approach to educate physicians and patients about managing the side effects associated with the brand and encourage patient adherence. Components of the program are as follows:

  • A team of clinical nurse educators is launched to share the latest clinical research results with physicians and support their offices in educating patients about RA and its treatment.
  • A series of patient education materials are created to help support patients and guide them in managing their side effects. In conjunction with the materials, a nonbranded patient website is launched, enabling visitors to access additional information and share experiences with other RA patients.
  • A pharmacy-based direct mail campaign targeting patients taking the RA brand is launched. Letters remind patients when it is time to refill their medications and how to manage side effects. Letters also direct patients to the website for additional disease information and peer support.

Improved education leads to better dialogue between physicians and patients about RA treatment. Prescription rates, sales revenue, and patient adherence are positively impacted.

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