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How to Integrate Sales and Marketing Solutions


A mid-sized biopharma company acquires an FDA-approved brand for the treatment of anemia. The company has little experience in the therapeutic category and no commercialization plan in place. Meanwhile, the brand is struggling with less-than-optimal prescription rates. The company needs a plan to relaunch the brand quickly, and they need additional resources to support it on the market.


inVentiv Health’s team of strategists conducts a series of analytical and research studies to better understand the current state of the anemia category, the competitive set, and the potential opportunity for the brand. With a clear understanding of the market gaps, the team crafts a commercialization plan to position the brand for maximum success on the market.


Using the new commercialization plan as a foundation, inVentiv Health develops an integrated sales and marketing program with the following components:

  • One of inVentiv Health’s ad agencies creates advertising and promotional materials to reflect the new positioning of the brand. A new physician-focused website is developed as an additional channel for connecting with customers.
  • Customer segmentation and targeting strategy is developed to maximize the brand’s sales effort. To augment the company’s internal sales resources, inVentiv Health trains and deploys an outsourced sales team.
  • In conjunction with the sales program, a sampling program is developed, launched, and managed by inVentiv Health to support increased trial of the brand.
  • inVentiv Health forms a multidisciplinary team of the key marketing and sales professionals on the account. The team meets regularly as a group with the client to ensure all elements of the program are working in tandem and modify as needed.

The company records incremental ROI on the program within the first few months as both product awareness and prescription rates among targeted physicians grow.

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